Ice Bucket Challenge is over, are you ready for the new craze?

Ice Bucket Challenge turned into an unexpected mass movement, but there is a new craze on its way.

Black Friday hysteria: Sales worth Euro 20M in 12h

It means more days for shopping and more complaints to Consumer Protection, but overall it means A Happy Black Friday to most Romanians.

Romanian journalist and writer Mihai Gotiu parallelled the controversial gold mining project at Rosia Montana with the Watergate scandal. Gotiu launched on Sunday, 17th November 2013, his book ‘The Rosia Montana Affair.’

Radio Guerrilla, one of the most avant-garde brands in post-communist Romania, lost its FM license in the middle of big financial problems.

Thousands are expected on the streets of Romania's major cities on 15th September, 2013, the third Sunday of massive protests. For the first time after the fall of Communism, a young generation fights against their political system as a whole.

The public wants clean politicians, but society is equally corrupt, says Romanian MEP Renate Weber: 'How can you have one without the other?'

A Transylvanian woman says that she and her two-year-old daughter were abused by Brussels police during a peaceful protest against the gold extraction project at Rosia Montana.

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